Consumer Products Packaging

Products with Personality

The category of consumer products is incredibly extensive, which is why Foremost offers the broadest spectrum of packaging solutions. Our versatile printing methods include digital, lithography (offset), and flexography, which gives you the best option for every project. From quick, short print runs to larger ongoing orders, if you can sell it, we can print and package it. After all, we’ve built our brand story on helping you tell yours.

The Fifth Dimension

Whirlpool desired a package that protects the product from scratching for their Kitchen Aid brand. This fifth panel carton fit the bill, while also creating a clean presentation (how fitting).  


Cutting Edge Blister Package

Product visibility? Check. Package rigidity? Check. Economical price point? Check. We achieved all three of our client’s main concerns, while heat sealing the smaller cards and using an ECOhesive coating on the larger cards. Happy client and healthier environment? Checkmate.

Design That Gets Ink

So many challenges…so little time…so they called on Foremost. Clover was dealing with multiple carton styles and sizes, brand-specific printing and coating requirements, inventory control management program integration, and varying quantity requirements on a reoccurring basis. We accepted the challenge, put together a complex solution, and simplified everything for the customer. 

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