Health and Beauty

Create A Beautiful Package

When attracting an audience with a beauty product, it takes a good looking package. No matter the type of impression you want to make, the answer is yes. Our experienced professionals can customize a packaging solution in virtually any size and shape, with a wide range of decorative coating that create the perfect finishing touch. Let us help create a brand image that inspires people to look and feel their best.

The Fifth Dimension

This fifth panel carton provides 3 immediate wins; additional graphic space to tell the brand story, saves on shelf space for the retailer, and increases valuable product information and product visibility for the customer. 

Something to Smile About

With a fresh rebrand underway, this customer needed a shiny new package. We combined high gloss embossed images with a soft touch coating for a truly unique look and feel. Our team tested and perfected the process to achieve the highest gloss and softest touch possible.

A Totally Painless Process

This may look like a simple blister package,  but the variables are infinite. Our expertise and versatility in the different printing methods (digital, offset, and flexographic) resulted in choosing the optimal fit for the customer’s complex multi-SKU program.

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